The Mansplain Podcast

I quite enjoy some episodes of Bfm’s Night School podcasts, but I wish they had more female guests and featured more female thinkers and feminist theories.

Still, I often find the hosts’ discussions and views both informative and entertaining, especially as I am not well versed in philosophy and social theory. In style and tone, however, I am reminded of my ex husband and other males holding forth on topics they (believe) they have a better grasp of than I do.

I like that there is now a word to describe what these clowns love to do.

Is that a really bad chat-up line or are you trying to scam me?

I’ve been receiving friend requests on Skype and Facebook from ugly white men whom I am pretty sure are African dudes attempting to pull a 419 scam on me.

In fact, I responded to one of them in Nigerian pidgin, whereupon he started laughing and asked me to add him (the real him) on Facebook. He was a Nigerian lad (by the name of Oluwa), operating from Accra (Ghana) and he said he would tell me why he’s trying his hand at scamming women but ‘not yet’.  Continue reading

I gotta get out of this place

I’m waiting to download the final episode of Girls’ fifth season so I can blog about Epis 8, 9 and 10 and get all my shallow observations off my chest.

Episode 9 took forever to download because torrent after torrent was a dud. I’m suffering from mild anxiety now because I’m wondering what I’m going to do after Episode 10?’ Will I have nothing to look forward to til next year? I do not want to watch Mindy Kaling.

I am thinking of reviewing Girls, from Season 1. How will it parallel my re-read of Barbara Pym’s novels? Already my Pontianak short story has a High Anglican flavour.