Picture Me a Picture


Harbour Wall by Mary Fedden

This picture reminds me of The Icing on the Cake (by Stephen Duffy), which I loved when I was eighteen, although listening to it now, I’m struck by how hopelessly tuneless it is.

Well, even then (thirty two years ago), the lyrics were what I loved best about the song. The line I thought of when I saw this Mary Fedden painting and its title was: ‘Here we go waltzing home by the moon so bright, by the sea, by the harbour wall’ – so beautiful and you should not spoil it by listening to Duffy ‘singing’ it.

Picture Me a Picture

‘I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.’ That’s sort of my motto because I like how it reflects my intention to always keep on moving forward, or even backward, in any direction, really, so long as it means not staying in places and situations that suck.

Well, right now I know I’m going to Lagos, Nigeria.

That’s the plan, but there is so much to put into place that I guess I feel lost and a bit directionless, like a headless chicken. Or Mulder and Scully seeking the truth and knowing it’s out there, but not knowing what exactly they’ll find.

So, I know where I’m headed, but it still seems like a dream, right now. I’m on my way though. I am.


From The X-Files, a comic by Josephin Ritschel