The Mansplain Podcast

I quite enjoy some episodes of Bfm’s Night School podcasts, but I wish they had more female guests and featured more female thinkers and feminist theories.

Still, I often find the hosts’ discussions and views both informative and entertaining, especially as I am not well versed in philosophy and social theory. In style and tone, however, I am reminded of my ex husband and other males holding forth on topics they (believe) they have a better grasp of than I do.

I like that there is now a word to describe what these clowns love to do.

A wife by any other name

I’ve never liked the practice of a woman changing her title and surname when she marries.

A man is a mister whether or not he’s married and so a woman should not need to go from Miss to Mrs. I use Ms. And I don’t see why a woman’s marital status is anyone’s business. Why does she need to announce to the world that she’s married? Continue reading

Picture Me a Picture


Harbour Wall by Mary Fedden

This picture reminds me of The Icing on the Cake (by Stephen Duffy), which I loved when I was eighteen, although listening to it now, I’m struck by how hopelessly tuneless it is.

Well, even then (thirty two years ago), the lyrics were what I loved best about the song. The line I thought of when I saw this Mary Fedden painting and its title was: ‘Here we go waltzing home by the moon so bright, by the sea, by the harbour wall’ – so beautiful and you should not spoil it by listening to Duffy ‘singing’ it.

Take a moment and find yourself

Somehow, this song from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe (episode: Mindful Education) struck a chord with me. Even without paying close attention to the lyrics, I was comforted by its melody and the way the vocalists expressed themselves. Knowing the lyrics made the song even more meaningful.

Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe, has stated that she wrote the song when she wanted a song that would calm her during a difficult time. I get that – it’s a song that I’ve been listening to over and over again because, to me, it’s about all the setbacks and problems I’ve faced, and also because it reminds me that I have people who are here for me, but that, ultimately, I’ve survived everything I’ve been through. ‘I’m here’ is not just reassurance from loved ones but also a self-affirming declaration.

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