Picture Me a Picture


‘Pool Side’ by Bett Norris

This picture combines my desire for a holiday (in which I do nothing but do nothing, in luxury) and thinking I should go for a swim because I’ve been┬áspending too much time indoors. What with cooking and doing the laundry and editing and teaching and worrying, worrying, worrying about money or the lack of it, I feel constantly short of spoons. When I have a spare minute, I lie on my back and read Famous Five adventure stories. That is all I am fit for. I wish for cool blue water and sunshine and not a care in the world.


Poovar boat ride

Just a quick post about the lovely boat ride on Poovar’s waterways. 

Once upon a time you could rent a boat and have a holiday cruising the waterways. The boatman would steer the vessel and catch fresh fish for your dinner and you could do this quite affordably. 

About twenty years ago, thanks to the increased number of Europeans and Americans visiting Kerala, you had to pay about USD 300 per day for a holiday on a houseboat.

 There are far fewer white tourists these days but I don’t know if the price of such a holiday has decreased.