Happy New Year!

I can’t believe how 2016 passed by so quickly. Well, actually, I can believe it because every year in the last twenty or so has gone by at top speed. My eldest son will be twenty years old this August – how did that happen?

In August I will probably (hopefully) be living in a different country, on a different continent. How exciting is that!

I am looking forward to my new life, despite all the horror stories I’ve read and heard. There are horror stories about every country and city in the world, aren’t there? I believe that all we can do is be reasonable and sensible, and as careful as possible without it becoming a chore and an obstacle. Anything else is chance, fate, destiny. All I know is that it would be silly to be deterred just because most Malaysians are clueless about Africa, and because Nigeria has a bad rep. Why focus on the negatives? The continent and the country has so much going for it, and I know I would hate Malaysia and Malaysians to be written off simply based on this┬ácountry’s corrupt government, inefficient public facilities and stinky public toilets!

Anyway, I’ll have Don to advise me, and possibly a house with ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’ emblazoned on its walls – how could I possibly pass up on that experience!