I have a feeling I am now infamous in African 419 circles. Since I told a few scammers to take a flying leap, and even Skype texted one of them in pidgin, no one has added me, on Facebook or Skype. This is a good thing, although I have to admit that some of those exchanges with ‘ugly white men’ were rather entertaining.

P.S. It’s unlikely I’m the only one who has called scammers out – it’s interesting to think that they might have a blacklist of those whom they deem unscammable.

Is that a really bad chat-up line or are you trying to scam me?

I’ve been receiving friend requests on Skype and Facebook from ugly white men whom I am pretty sure are African dudes attempting to pull a 419 scam on me.

In fact, I responded to one of them in Nigerian pidgin, whereupon he started laughing and asked me to add him (the real him) on Facebook. He was a Nigerian lad (by the name of Oluwa), operating from Accra (Ghana) and he said he would tell me why he’s trying his hand at scamming women but ‘not yet’.  Continue reading